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The Winerization of Evan. Posted on 06/15/2001.

Is it just me, or is Evan starting to read more and more like Dave? Is there a condition endemic to developing weblog maintenance software that leads to the quoting of people who agree with you, ending posts with a comment in italics, and prominently featuring song lyrics? I guess we'll really worry when Ev starts quoting the Dead instead of Byrne/Eno.

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It ain't just you... over the past few months, the same thing has been mentioned in a few conversations I've had. I just assumed that it went with the ego...
Posted by Jason Levine @ 06/16/2001 11:50 PM PST [link to this comment]

Not as bad as Winer yet, but apparently working on it.

What amazes me is this constant trumpeting that "deep thinking" is going on about what the topic of the week is with these two. The results of the deep thinking are rarely found, and when they are, they tend to be half assed.

I mean, both flew to Europe for Reboot and blabbed and blabbed about the great ideas and how they're all energized to think things up new and fresh. Which is nice to post on your weblog and all but uhh.. what new ideas?

I know this sounds like a snarky followup to an already snarky post, so I guess I'll just some up:

Making personal publishing tools is not, I swear to god here, some sort of divine mission that takes magical geniuses to create. Try listening to your users and improving your business and your product. If you can't execute on that, what good are even the brightest ideas?
Posted by JB @ 06/17/2001 08:38 PM PST [link to this comment]

The whole world is getting Winerized! - And blogger-rized.

Dave and Evan spoke at the danish reboot conference this year and a log-rage has hit Denmark. Everyone is posting these days.
Posted by Nanna @ 06/18/2001 12:45 AM PST [link to this comment]

Right on Nanna! Nothing to be so serious about. And secrets are best kept in the bag until they're ready to present. I'm sure Evan knows what we're up to. Heh heh.
Posted by Dave Winer @ 06/18/2001 12:57 PM PST [link to this comment]

Whatever it is I'm working on, it'll be the best thing since outliners. Zooooommmm!!!!
Posted by Dave Winer @ 06/18/2001 03:52 PM PST [link to this comment]

tell me more, tell me more!
Posted by Nanna @ 06/19/2001 10:14 AM PST [link to this comment]

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