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Clicky-clicky fun! Posted on 07/08/2001.

"Stop going on about branding!" I can hear the masses yell. Back in the day, I garnered readers through my links to interface design whizbang like Mr. Noodlebox and the Elastic Catalog. And now that I'm all being an internet executive 'n shit, I blather on about branding and organizational dynamics. So, now for all those Old-Skool peterme readers, here's a pointer to Touch Graph, a link browser that it's creator, Alex Shapiro, calls "InXight + The Brain." See for yourself. It's fun to play with...

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Awesome! Peter, thank you very much for posting a link to my site.

I want to qualify my (cocky) statement that TouchGraph is a cross between InXight(.com) and TheBrain(.com) Clearly, I am just starting this project, so TouchGraph is no where near as polished as either of these two interfaces.

What touchgraph does, is display a stable yet dynamic map of links, like inxight. And, like thebrain, it allows comments to be added to the links, and does not restrict the graph to being a tree.

I have big dreams for my project, and for this type of technology. The most interesting prospect so far, is the creation of a visual newsgroup. One where poeple can reply to messages (to multiple messages even) by adding links to a graph.

The advantage of a visual newsgroup (as I imagine it), is that related messages will appear next to each other. This will solve the problem that when the list of replies gets too long, it is hard to read all of them. This way one will still read older messages, because their relavance will be visible because of their proximity. This could also solve the archiving problem where old discussions on the same subject get ignored. This way, old messages could be brought back in the the plane of the current discussion.

Currently, I am collaborating with Stephen Danic of to achieve this goal. I am also developing my project in various other directions. I would be very happy about any feedback I recieve, so please email me, or better yet post messages in my discussion groups.

Thanks alot, and thank you again Peter.

Posted by Alex Shapiro @ 07/09/2001 11:37 AM PST [link to this comment]

you're all jackin' my lingo, n'shit. what's up with that, yo?
Posted by evan @ 07/09/2001 01:45 PM PST [link to this comment]

that's made my day.... way new interfaces... desirability... fun.... delight... happiness... rainbows... fire engines.... chocolate... jello... balloons!!!!!
Posted by matt @ 07/09/2001 03:13 PM PST [link to this comment]

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