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Shameless self-promotion. Posted on 07/22/2001.

What would be without big fat pointers to work I'm doing? Forthwith a series of conferences where I and my Adaptive Path colleagues will be presenting various user experience issues. Register as early as you can to benefit from lower registration fees.:

Web 2001 - September 4-8, San Francisco, CA
On September 4 and 5, the whole Adaptive Path team presents "The Complete User Experience Design", a two-day intensive covering well-nigh everything from project planning, user research, task analysis, information architecture, interaction design, documentation, and more.

User Interface 6 East - October 1-4, Cambridge, MA
On October 3rd, Jeffrey Veen and I present, "From Construct to Structure: Information Architecture from Mental Models." In this talk, we demonstrate our methodology for taking that mushy qualitative understanding of users, and visualize it in such a way as you can derive an information architecture from it. This is fairly heady stuff, though resolutely practical (we'll be discussing a method and sharing documentation you can take back to your office and start using), and ought to be worthwhile to practicing IAs. Also, Jeff and I will be giving a talk on Tuesday titled, "Patterns and Pathways: New Ways of Approach Site Design," where Jeff discusses his Lego-like approach to interface design, and I discuss what self-organizing systems portend for the future of IA. And at this conference, Jeff and I are the relative bush league--it features Ben Shneiderman, Kim Goodwin, Rolf Molich, Karen Holtzblatt, and many other leading lights.

InfoProducer 2001 - October 28-31, Orlando, FL
On October 28th, Jesse James Garrett and I will present "From Construct to Structure", as described above. On the 29th, I'll be presenting "Patterns and Pathways", this time solo. And Jesse will talk about "The Politics of Information Architecture." Though you've probably never heard of this conference (I hadn't before I was invited to it), it's actually got a good looking line up (with talks like "Storytelling in Information Architecture" and "Making the Invisible Visible: The Power of Visual Modeling"), and it's the least expensive of the three listed here. And it's in Orlando! Which means I'll get to go to Walt Disney World for the first time ever! I also plan a drive to Celebration.

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Do you guys plan to make your docs templates available to those of us who aren't going to the conferences?
Posted by andrew @ 07/23/2001 06:51 AM PST [link to this comment]

I don't know. We're still working on developing the presentation and documentation, and don't know what we'll have that's downloadable. In there interest of fairness to those who pay, we will likely never give away all the stuff that we discuss in the sessions. Over time, though, Adaptive Path plans on publishing essays, whitepapers, etc., on all these topics.
Posted by peterme @ 07/23/2001 12:54 PM PST [link to this comment]

of course AP can't give it all away, since folks who paid good money (or convince employers to pay good money) would feel that the investment wasn't worth it.

At the same time, the company gets a ton of mileage out of certain Adaptive Path methods/approaches/techniques/tools becoming widely adopted. Biggest example I know of is jjg's Visual Vocabulary - just like the fax machine, the value of the vocabulary increases with the number of people who use it(maybe even as the square of the number of people who use it ;)

looking forward to seeing your upcoming stuff...
Posted by Jess @ 07/23/2001 08:53 PM PST [link to this comment]

RE>...In there interest of fairness to those who pay, we will likely never give away all the stuff that we discuss in the sessions.

Is that because you'll be revealing the recipe of the secret sauce? ;-)

Seriously, I think the value of your sessions is in hearing you explain it, and in the exercises/interaction that goes on among the participants. I think MIT got this right when deciding to put their class materials online. I'd also like to see your stuff online, and hope you'll consider it.

Just so you don't think I'm an idle complainer, I'll be posting all the materials for the class I'm teaching this fall.
Posted by victor @ 07/26/2001 06:30 AM PST [link to this comment]

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