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Links to like. Posted on 07/24/2001.

Skimming interesting talks at SIGGRAPH 2001, I'd cut and paste people's names in to Google to see if they had nifty stuff online. A couple of folks did.

Noah Wardrip-Fruin, a researcher at NYU, features, among other things, an essay titled Hypermedia, Eternal Life, and the Impermanence Agent, and another, linking and filtering, reading and writing: the library, the Web, Ted Nelson, and what's wrong with micropayment.

Henry Jenkins is faculty at the Media Lab, and on his site he talks about a frighteningly wide range of topics. I'm particularly intrigued (though haven't read) "This Fellow Keaton Seems to be the Whole Show": Buster Keaton, Interrupted Performance and the Vaudeville Aesthetic and other musings of his on film comedy.

And, outside of the SIGGRAPH world, but a still nifty link of late, is this essay on The Physics of the Web. Though much of the discussion is beyond my ken (blahblahtopologyblahblahgraphsblahblahPoissondistributions), the basic point is quite understandable--thanks to their evolutionary development, all significantly complex systems have underlying networks that resemble one another in interesting ways. The article points out how the connectedness of nodes on the internet resembles not only obvious analogs such as highways, but also social networks of people, and, remarkably, networks of biological cells.

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Henry Jenkins is a very interesting guy - his book _Textual Poachers_ is a good read if you're interested in fan culture, media reappropriation, that sort of thing. His chapter on slash fanfic is the most cogent discussion I've ever read on the subject.
Posted by Cesium @ 07/25/2001 12:54 PM PST [link to this comment]

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