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OOH! Posted on 11/17/2001.

It turns out Meg and I are excited about two of the same things:

  • The opening of a Krispy Kreme in Daly City, a mere 5-6 miles south of my house.
  • That the Charles and Ray Eames Mathematica exhibit is at the Exploratorium.

    The latter brings back such memories. I grew up in Santa Monica, and my favorite museum growing up was the California Museum of Science and Industry (now renamed the California Science Center)--pretty much, every geekboy's dream hang out. Mathematica was on exhibit there, and every visit I'd spend a lot of time gazing at the display on probability, as balls tumbled down pegs and into chutes. (Elsewhere in the museum, I'd be transfixed by the mechanical chutes-and-ladders contraptions, where a ball would start at the top, and, through Rube Goldberg-ian mechanisms, make it's way down, only to be carted back up again... Days and days were wasted watching such things.) Of course, I had no intellectual appreciation for the Design--I just enjoyed the exhibit... I saw Mathematica when it toured in Boston a few years ago, and relished my adult ability to both look upon in wonder AND perceive and understand the beauty of its design.

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    COMMENT #1
    Peter, you would have gone over the deep end if you'd seen the Eames exhibit at the Library of Congress a couple of years ago. What a show: of their films, furniture, and even the little things.

    Here's the online version.
    Posted by Jeff @ 11/18/2001 05:52 AM PST [link to this comment]

    COMMENT #2
    Time for a webloggers field trip to the Exploratorium, methinks. :)
    Posted by Dinah @ 11/19/2001 10:18 AM PST [link to this comment]

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