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An idle question. Posted on 12/02/2001.

Does anyone watch The X-Files anymore.

19 comments so far. Add a comment.

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Yikes. I tried tonight but it is just not "there" anymore. They are going purely for shock factor now, whereas before the shock was acceptable with decent lead roles and a rollercoaster of a plot. Now it just sucks. I wish FOX would put it out of it's misery. But I can already tell they are prepping viewers for Scully's exodus with that new chick (what's her name?). It's a tragedy. Like an aging professional athlete, they should have left us with the good memories and pulled the plug about 2-3 years ago when they were on top of their game.
Posted by D M @ 12/02/2001 07:51 PM PST [link to this comment]

Only the old ones, m'friend. Bring back Jose Chung!
Posted by TheBrad @ 12/02/2001 08:18 PM PST [link to this comment]

No, Carter lost me on the movie. The show is too much of a tease. I need some payoff now and then.
Posted by Some Guy @ 12/02/2001 09:41 PM PST [link to this comment]

You can still get good flashlight on C.S.I., Thursday nights on CBS.
Posted by BJMe @ 12/02/2001 11:46 PM PST [link to this comment]

yawn. Lost interest ages ago. Now it just seems odd that I ever liked it as much as I did. This whole genre has really lost appeal for me, even though I used to find it smart and engrossing.
Posted by Andrew @ 12/03/2001 04:52 AM PST [link to this comment]

I'm watching Law&Order Criminal Intent now, not even bothering to tape X Files. It was always the relationship between Mulder and Scully that made me watch, ther plots were often secondary. The new actors either lack the skill or the writers don't want to bother. Either way...
Posted by Tom @ 12/03/2001 06:27 AM PST [link to this comment]

just last night i was commenting that i can't believe that's still on the air. i haven't watched it in about 2 years, and I was an avid fan.
Posted by simon @ 12/03/2001 08:33 AM PST [link to this comment]

I haven't been watching regularly for a couple of seasons now, and have watched maybe five minutes of the new season. Bleah. I'll second the recommendation for CSI, though; it's got to be the best police investigation show on TV right now, and there are more than enough good supernatural dramas (Buffy, etc.) to choose from.
Posted by harmful @ 12/03/2001 09:27 AM PST [link to this comment]

I like L&O: CI and CSI, too.
Mostly I just think the X-files thing has run its course. Carter (or at least FOX) just wasn't able to keep pace.
Posted by Jako @ 12/03/2001 10:35 AM PST [link to this comment]

CSI rocks! Though some of the stuff is made up (forensics rarely question suspects and witnesses), the magic of it is the wide-eyed sense of discovery that I get. For example, finding out that you can never really get rid of blood stains was a revelation to me.

But then, I've always been a sucker for criminology-based programmes. :)
Posted by MadMan @ 12/03/2001 10:39 AM PST [link to this comment]

No. I petered off last season and now it's been replaced in my pantheon by Stargate SG1, a surprisingly well-acted, dramatic, funny, well-thought out show.

Pretty unheard of for a movie spinoff...
Posted by Kevin @ 12/03/2001 11:14 AM PST [link to this comment]

I'll be a freak and say I actually prefer dogget and reyes... and I though last sundays was better than usual. it' has been bad, but I htink there is hope for asecond life.
Posted by christina @ 12/03/2001 08:13 PM PST [link to this comment]


Pretty unheard of for a movie spinoff...

wwhat about a little show I like to call "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?!?
Posted by mike @ 12/03/2001 09:18 PM PST [link to this comment]

>wwhat about a little show I like to call "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?!?

An unusual case of a TV series being better than the movie it was based on. I prefer Angel. It's more... mature - and it doesn't have Sarah Michelle Gellar's squeaky nasal twang :P
Posted by MadMan @ 12/03/2001 11:37 PM PST [link to this comment]

Hrm. Is this where we write about our favorite TeeVee Shows?

Well, I think mine is GILMORE GIRLS. Which is a bummer, 'cause it's on as the same time as BUFFY.

THE SIMPSONS has been rocking this season--it's as good as it was a few seasons back.


BUFFY and ANGEL, yes.
Posted by peterme @ 12/04/2001 08:09 AM PST [link to this comment]

Hmm. I haven't bothered watching the X-files, ever since they started meander away from the ahem, X-files, and moved more into the alien conspiracy theory. The humors gone, the alien conspiracy theory has been drawn out so long, its tiring, and the blood, gore and violence is sickening.

Sorry, this shows been dead for nearly three years now. It was fun while it lasted, but I guess, all good things must come to an end.
Posted by Michael Twoyoungmen @ 12/04/2001 01:47 PM PST [link to this comment]

My wife asked me the same question last night, and I could only answer that stories about monsters were way less entertaining than the Mulder/Smoking man story line.
Posted by Dan K @ 12/04/2001 07:11 PM PST [link to this comment]

Am I the only weirdo who still likes the show? Mulder & Scully? they kissed already, nothing left there. And yes, I believe Agent Reyes and Dogget are doing a credible job. I still watch religiously.

That said, I'll admit I get more entertainment from Buffy and Angel. I like Angel better except that now Darla is gone :(, but Cordelia is really mature now :>
I've also become a fan of 24
Posted by Tremendo @ 12/06/2001 01:56 PM PST [link to this comment]

If you can believe this, I had the very first X-Files site back in the early 90's when the show was in its very first season.

I haven't watched it for years.
Posted by Dan @ 12/11/2001 10:04 AM PST [link to this comment]

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