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Stalking The Wily Spore. Posted on 12/26/2001.

Today's NY Times offers a lengthy feature on the anthrax investigations, "Tracking Bioterror's Tangled Course". It's a solid and effective chronicle of the sleuthing, capturing what's been uncovered in the last few months. I've long hated daily news coverage, because its pressures require reporters to spew the little that is known, usually to the effect of further muddying up the waters. The piece demonstrates the futility of such coverage in the face of a significantly complex story.

The feature also points out that we're not particularly close to finding out the source of the spread. Such efforts were doubtless not helped by the Bush administration's desperate and futile attempt to link the anthrax to Iraq (also an NY Times story). It's clear that such activities were simply a Saddam-hunt, and, sadly, a waste of precious time and resources. From the beginning, there's never been one shred of evidence that the anthrax had any international-terrorist ties (apart from timing, which, frankly, isn't really evidence). The inability of our leaders to accept domestic terrorism again rears its ugly head.

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