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So, like, you know... Posted on 01/01/2002.

David Weinberger's latest JOHO features a little snippet on the use of the introductory "so". A writing tic I'm more than guilty of. It reminded me of an older piece by Geoffrey Nunberg that I'd heard on Fresh Air, on the use of "like." In looking that up, I saw that Nunberg recently did a piece on "blogs." Which, it turns out, pissed off Doc a bit back. I don't think it's all that unfair a critique--sure, it takes a particular point of view, and it runs contrary to Doc's notion that blogs are The Best Thing Ever, but, well, Geoffrey is probably more righter--by and large, blogs are little other than the "accretion of diurnal detail." Frankly, Doc's getting a little hoary in his unremitting blog love, but that's another story.

Oh, and hey, peterme readers will likely find stuff of interest clicking around Geoffrey's site.

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It's context in a box.

("Crotch grabber," BTW, is a reference that only those who attended northwestern around 1998 are liable to get.)
Posted by Young Luke @ 01/02/2002 09:56 AM PST [link to this comment]

Frankly, Peterme is getting a bit hoary with his use of the word hoary..
Posted by Bryce @ 01/02/2002 10:19 AM PST [link to this comment]

Thanks for the "so" thing. Every time I get a new hi-tech client and I have to do a round of introductory interviews, I'm just AMAZED at the penetration of "so." In these interviews, we're asking some pretty specific questions "What are your goals for this new product introduction? and the answer always starts with "So....." - and then unfortunately rambles before responding.

It's almost like the person is demanding permission to say "I heard your question, and I'm going to answer it, but I need to tell you this FIRST before I answer it."

I flagged it for my colleague before we started a lengthy round of interviews and she was quite startled by the frequency and consistency of usage.
Posted by Steve Portigal @ 01/03/2002 02:53 PM PST [link to this comment]

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