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Heading Into the Heart of the Beast. Posted on 01/27/2002.

On Tuesday, I move to Oakland. A 1 bedroom apartment, just north of downtown, on the outskirts of Lake Merritt, near the Piedmont Avenue district. This is my first move in 3 years.

It's spurred by a number of factors.
- For the last couple of years I've been dissatisfied with where I currently live... but my life was too discombobulated to consider moving.
- Oakland's Lake Merritt neighborhood has among the best 'price/performance' ratio in the Bay Area, in terms of finding housing that is (relatively) reasonably priced for what you get, and a nifty neighborhood in which to live.
- During the boom years, I grew increasingly aggravated with what San Francisco was becoming--this also spurred my longings to head east. Since the tide has ebbed, San Francisco is actually getting more pleasant, but I guess my mind had already been made up.
- A change of pace will do me a lot of good.
- I think I'll just be more... comfortable over there. More at home. My mindset, lifestyle, interests seem to be more in line with an East Bay life.

I still have no immediate plans to own a car. I'll be quite near the 19th Street BART station, and on my bike can get to a number of interesting places in less than 15 minutes.

I'll have direct sunlight, something I haven't had in an apartment in, oh, 4 and a half years, if not more.

A fireplace. Not like we really *need* fireplaces in California, but they are awfully pleasant.

More suitable guest arrangements. (I love hosting out-of-town visitors.)

So, uh, we'll see.

And don't forget what Srini taught us: "'East Bay' is Pig Latin for 'BEAST'". (Interesting to see how the meme has spread.)

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Peter, I wish you all the best in your move. I have a special attachment to Oakland, but that is my business. Moving East is a good thing, some of us just go to farther extremes. I would help a hand with you move had I not moved so far east.
Posted by vanderwal @ 01/27/2002 10:50 AM PST [link to this comment]

Congratulations with the move. Piedmont Avenue is really cute. Some of my favs: Barney's with their really good burgers(beef/chicken/turkey), and several cafes dotting the streets. My husband grew up in Piedmont so when we visit his mom, it's nice to stroll up/down Piedmont Ave. Lake Merrit is really pretty at night and a nice place to stroll on a Sunday morning.

First you...I wonder who's going to be next to move?
Posted by Mlisa @ 01/27/2002 11:06 AM PST [link to this comment]

Shall I wait for an invitation or set my own schedule?
Posted by BJMe @ 01/27/2002 01:51 PM PST [link to this comment]

everyone's invited to casa peterme!
Posted by peterme @ 01/27/2002 05:12 PM PST [link to this comment]

Here's to great sex at your new place!
Posted by Leslie Stone @ 01/27/2002 08:00 PM PST [link to this comment]

Enjoy the new home, Peter. Hope you have better luck with the move than Christina did. Let me know if you need a hand.
Posted by jz @ 01/28/2002 11:23 AM PST [link to this comment]

Leslie gets the point of the move. I hear those Berkeley women are adventurous.... congrats Peter. I'm moving too... closer to where you used to be.
Posted by Elan @ 01/29/2002 11:08 PM PST [link to this comment]

Elan, with that new blond hair, he may find it harder to convince women he's straight. ;)

Has the color worn off yet, Peter?
Posted by Leslie Stone @ 02/03/2002 02:48 AM PST [link to this comment]

long, long ago. it's now very brown and very short. and my heterosexuality seems to suffer little maligning.

by the way, who are you?
Posted by peter @ 02/03/2002 11:00 PM PST [link to this comment]

Dude, I'm a usability engineer who reads your site. You already know my name. No, I don't have a personal site. I'm 31, 5'9" and have brown eyes.

What else do you wanna know?
Posted by Leslie Stone @ 02/04/2002 11:53 AM PST [link to this comment]

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