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If It's Tuesday, It Must Be The User Interface Conference. Posted on 03/22/2002.

Two days ago I capped off one and a half weeks of conference travel--SXSW, ASIS&T IA Summit, and User Interface 6 West. Went from Austin straight to Baltimore, and then even stayed the night in Burlingame so I could more easily get to the UI show. It's nice to be home.

A Quick Rundown -- SXSW was very pleasant this year, more low-key than past years, but, then, so am I. I attended few panels, electing instead to hang out with my buddy Trav much of the time. Ate boatloads of Tex Mex, chatted up a storm with various and sundry, and had an extremely productive shopping outing with Miss Jenville (the pitcher is safe and sound!).

At SXSW, I caught Home Movie, the latest documentary by the guy who made American Movie. It examines the off-beat homes of 5 very original folks--an alligator farmer in Louisiana, a quasi-mystic tinkerer in Illnois, a cat-obsessed couple in California, converted missile silo residents in Kansas, and a tree-house denizen in Hawaii. Without narrative, it lacks the emotional resonance of American Movie, but it's still very much worthwhile all the same.

Baltimore played host to the ASIS&T Information Architecture Summit, wherein I had no fewer than 3 talks to give. The first was an all-day seminar, given with JJG-Love, on "Company and Customer Insight for Information Architects." The following day, I was up twice--first with Lou Rosenfeld, discussing the topic of "Enterprise Information Architecture", (See my slides (94k PPT) | See Lou's Slides (Over 1MB, PPT), and then with Chiara Fox giving a case study on the information architecture of The latter was the one talk I've wanted to give more than any other for a while--the PeopleSoft project proved to be something of a wonderful dream, and I love telling people about it. (Note to self: All Day Tutorial Based on PeopleSoft IA?).

I ditched the second half of the second day of the conference, missing out on my new appellation (I am "The Bad Peter" in contrast to "The Good Peter"), and instead took a walk through the sleety streets of Baltimore. The first stop was the American Visionary Art Museum, which ended up becoming one of my favorite American museums. They have a fabulous collection of works by "self-taught" artists, some folks just poor or out of the mainstream, others decidedly among the "outsider" art crowd (think Henry Darger). The current exhibit focuses on "War and Peace", and offers up a wide range of perspectives.

The last stop on the tour was beautiful Burlingame, CA to present the latest version of "From Construct To Structure: Information Architecture From Mental Models" with Indi. It went *amazingly* well. Easily the best all-day seminar I've given. Great, engaged crowd, the material proved solid and right at their level. I walked away very pleased.

And now I'm home. With no plans to travel for a long long time.

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