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Wikka wikka wikka. Posted on 03/26/2002.

Go see Scratch. A celebration of the hip-hop DJ, this documentary covers the history of scratching from the 70s on. It's a joyful movie, tons of fun to watch and listen to, cleverly directed and edited to match the message. It's also fairly insightful and informative, breaking down the DJ experience into various components (battles, digging, beat mixing, etc. etc.), so that even a clueless white boy like myself can understand what's going on.

Because I am who I am, seeing it recalled Jason's post on "rip, mix, burn, consume, repeat, faster!", which the DJ ethos is definitely a part of. Where this all crosses over into the realm of information is what's interesting to me... The Web affords us the ability to 'rip mix burn' words, ideas, etc., in a fluid way we've never really had before. Taking bits of thoughts from disparate places and piecing them together to tease out some new meaning.

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Interesting idea. The first thing that comes to mind is Mark Napier's RIOT, which he describes as "an alternative Web browser that builds its page by combining text, images and links from the recent pages that any Riot user has surfed to." Kinda pretty but not very meaningful. Or is it?
Posted by Joshua Kaufman @ 03/26/2002 10:14 AM PST [link to this comment]

I would like to know the URL of a page that genuinely "teases out some new meaning" from "bits of thought from disparate places."

RIOT, as mentioned in the previous post, is an emblematic example of a web collage--and it certainly no finds new meaning at all. I've seen plenty of useful lists of links, but those are just collections--again, no meaning is added. The peterme site is interesting, but what is interesting is the individual links and Peter's comments, not the overall collection and not the connections between the links.
Posted by mr. skeptic @ 03/27/2002 06:35 AM PST [link to this comment]

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