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Laramie, WY. Posted on 06/02/2002.

elko-to-lar (3k image)
As always, image from Mapblast

lar_donut (18k image)There really ain't much to say about this part of the trip. Driving through Utah and Wyoming is awesome. I-80 affords views of mountain ranges, salt deserts, mirages, and lots and lots of big sky.

room26 (8k image)Laramie, WY proved a good place to stop. We stayed at the Ranger Motel, in room 26. We were even able to get one of those suite-like rooms, with two separate bedrooms sharing a common bathroom--just the thing if one (or both) of you snores.

Dinner was at "the best restaurant in town," (according to the girl who checked us in at the Ranger) The Cavalryman, where dad hoped to get a good steak. The steak was fine, the meal came with unlimited serve-yourself-soup-and-salad AND a dessert, and Kelsey, our waitress, was delightfully dippy (she forgot orders, acknowledged that the cook of 17 years wasn't very good, and at one point made us a drink herself, even though she's under age).

Dinner was capped off by coffee at Muddy Waters, seemingly quite the young local hangout (and pretty much the only place open that wasn't a bar). I flipped through local papers in an attempt to defuse the painfully embarrassing (for me) attempts of my dad in flirting with the girls behind the counter. These are the things you have to accept when traveling with others.

I wish I had more to share, but this was really more of just a driving day. That Daylight Donut sign on the left was a couple blocks down from the motel. I hope I've been able to add just a little bit of information to the Global Brain about Laramie...

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I am so sorry you had to witness your dad attempting to flirt. I can only imagine the pain.
Posted by Josh @ 06/03/2002 08:16 AM PST [link to this comment]

I found myself in a grocery store on Sunday afternoon--immediately after having been to the gym, so it wasn't a buffed & coifed moment--wearing shorts and a t-shirt that were decidedly uncool and I suddenly realized that if I had a 12 year old daughter she would be absolutely mortified to be seen with me. I told this to a colleague and he pointed out that I had nothing to worry about, because I drive a Toyota Corolla, so my car wouldn't have been cool enough for my imaginary daughter to accompany me to the grocery store in the first place.
Posted by samantha @ 06/05/2002 03:57 PM PST [link to this comment]

Children deserve to be embarrassed by their parents from time to time, just as they did to their parents, even if not intentional...
My husband says I flirt everywhere, in stores, with the state patrolman giving me a warning ticket, traveling on vacation..
I don't think I flirt, and if so, not on purpose, I'm not the one who always strikes up the conversations, but I do like to talk with people, and it would seem we share a bit of comaradery, and pleasentry.. It makes for a nicer day..
I was born with the gift of gab, (maybe it runs in the family?)

I asked one of my sons once, if I embarrassed him.. He said no, he just didn't like the attention it might bring to him being there..
Posted by A.M. @ 06/07/2002 02:19 PM PST [link to this comment]

How strange, I wrote a comment and it didn't post.. Just as well , it was probably to long any way..
Posted by A.M. @ 06/07/2002 06:26 PM PST [link to this comment]

A parent is often forced to ponder where he went wrong. I tried to raise my boys right: teach them the value of spontaneous social intercourse and so forth. Flirting with pretty young girls is fun; especially when they start it. And the older you get the more fun it is. I wish that just one of those pretty little gals, including Britney in Winnemuca and the little darlin' at the Laramie steakhouse had shown Peter as much attention as they showed me, 'cause if he had picked up on it and run with it, it sure wouldn't have embarrassed me. But he's still young. I'm hoping he learns a little something from hanging with us old folks. And if any of you gals hapen to bump into the lad, toss a little pepper his way.
Posted by BJMe @ 06/08/2002 03:54 PM PST [link to this comment]

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