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Where's The Beef... Coming From? Posted on 06/19/2002.

In their continuing attempts to become a newspaper with reporting worth reading, the SF Chronicle presents a story on the trend in Bay Area restaurants towards offering grass-fed-only beef, and the debates raging in the cattle industry on how to raise cows. A lot of sources are drawn from, including Alice Waters (Chez Panisse master chef), Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation author), Bill Niman (of Niman Ranch beef, which has found itself in the uncomfortable middle, as the beef isn't *solely* grass-fed--it's grain-fed at the end), and others. As the article points out, considering that the Bay Area tends to set culinary trends for the country, whatever shakes out here will likely have quite an impact.

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I found this segment on beef rather interesting..
I enjoy eating beef in it's many forms, from burgers to steaks, and in between..
Living in Nebraska with it's many feed lots, I had no idea of the controversy over the difference in how cattle are fed, or the difference in the tastes..
So I asked the butcher (who really doesn't butcher the procucts in the meat section of the store any more) where this beef came from, and how it was fed... With the thousands of animals in our state, I found what I buy comes for South Dakota feed lots.. The extra lean beef probably from mostly grass fed, the fatter from mostly feed lots..
I was amazed to find out what cattle are fed. I told my son, (who had worked for a feed company and took feed to the feed lots and fed the cattle), about the article... He then informed me of all that goes into the feed, the whys, and the way it's introduced ... I had no idea..

There is a difference in the flavor and the texture.. Although the implication is that the feed lot fed beef may not be as healthy for my cunsumption, it is definitely better tasting, and more tender.. I do not eat in the types of restaurants that are mentioned in the article, but I know what I like.
I don't go to high priced eateries in the first place, and I wouldn't like to pay a high price for a steak that needs pre-prep to be tender, and taste good...
Posted by A.M. @ 06/22/2002 04:09 AM PST [link to this comment]

I'm looking for the comment, where did it go?
Posted by webber @ 06/23/2002 06:00 AM PST [link to this comment]

I'm looking for the comment, where did it go?
Posted by webber @ 06/23/2002 06:00 AM PST [link to this comment]

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