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Visualize Articles Worth Reading Posted on 06/19/2002.

In researching the topic of information visualization for an essay I'm writing, I came across, a general resource site on the topic. Most intriguing is Inf@Vis, the "digital magazine", all articles written by the site's proprietor, Juan Carlos Dürsteler. Scrolling through the archives showcases Juan's solid publishing track record, and an impressive range of subject matter.
What's also cool? The *entire* site is bilingual, Spanish and English.

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also worth a look:

Information Arts, a thorough (and very dry) academic monograph by SFSU prof Stephen Wilson describing the work of various artists working on scientific visualization and related data viz projects.

the jacket blurb:

"Information Arts offers one of the only comprehensive international surveys of artists working at the frontiers of scientific inquiry and emerging technologies. Its goal is to describe this art, explore its theoretical rationales, and alert readers to possible future directions. It is also one of the only sources available that reviews cutting edge techno-scientific research in a way accessible to those without extensive technical backgrounds. It will be of interest to artists, art historians, electronic media designers, technologists, scientists, researchers, and more general audiences interested in the future of research that will have significant impact on the culture. "

(ps i have a copy at home if you want to borrow)

- a.
Posted by alex wright @ 06/19/2002 11:52 AM PST [link to this comment]

I've been readign InfoVis for about a year now (I think) via an mailing list and I really dig it. Okay, sometimes it's a big goofy or obtuse, but lots of good ideas tucked inside.
Posted by christina @ 06/25/2002 07:12 PM PST [link to this comment]

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