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Chicago, IL. Posted on 06/22/2002.

mil-to-chi (4k image)

I have this unfortunate habit of visiting Chicago on business, thereby having little opportunity to actually see the city. See, the crux of this road trip with my dad was this workshop in Chicago I was teaching along with Jeff and Lane. Dad was interested in Chicago because he lived there, oh, 50 years ago, and was curious as to how the city held up. Me, I found myself in a recently-converted ballroom inside the Chicago Athletic Association for three days. (Bryan wrote up some good stuff about the venue. The only thing I'd add, to help you get a sense of its character, is that the CAA is exactly the kind of place you'd expect to find medicine balls.)

I'll refrain from boring you all by saying, simply, that the workshop went very well, the students were mighty engaged, we had a bunch of good discussions, and it was a great way for we at Adaptive Path to start this new venture. In fact, that was probably the most exciting aspect of this--at the beginning of the year we set ourselves the goal of having workshops, and in Chicago we realized it. That's always a thrill.

Also, I finally have a decent picture of myself smiling:

peterme_smiling (18k image)

Chicago... well, when I was able to get outside, I had some delightful experiences.

Dinner at The Berghoff, one of Chicago's oldest restaurants, enjoying a plateful of wurst, drinking their house beer, and buying their damn fine bourbon. The bar also features Chicago's first liquor license after Prohibition was repealed.

Dinner at Molly's, always a delight, with more wurst (this time fine Wisconsin bratwurst), more beer, and lots of good conversation on the deck. At Molly's, Bryan told us just how much beer he drank when partying with the Dutch at the Olympics:

bryan_chair (42k image)

Two nights later, a group of us went to see the Neo-Futurists production of TOO MUCH LIGHT MAKES THE BABY GO BLIND, a delightful theatric romp of 30 plays in 60 minutes. Definitely worth the trip uptown and any wait you might experience. I, naturally, developed a crush on almost all the women performers in the show. It's a bad habit of mine.

After the show, we retired to a bar nearby, where Lane took this moodily-lit shot of Bryan:

bryan_bar (13k image)
What is it, always with the beer, Bryan?

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Don't tell me you went to Simon's and didn't have a Schlitz.
Posted by Young Luke @ 06/22/2002 10:16 PM PST [link to this comment]

Ah, yes. That bar near the Neo-Futurists theater was Simon's (where the performers hang out after the show, actually).

But no, no Schlitz.
Posted by peterme @ 06/23/2002 08:45 AM PST [link to this comment]

To go to Simon's and not enjoy a Schlitz is to go to the moon and not enjoy the view. Fer shame.
Posted by Young Luke @ 06/23/2002 12:47 PM PST [link to this comment]

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