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Can't Get Enough of That Airline Industry Stuff. Posted on 08/18/2002.

(Am I boring you all yet?)

Today, the New York Times had a well-researched and thorough piece on Troubled Airlines Face Reality: Those Cheap Fares Have a Price. Among other things, it discusses how Big Air might compete with folks like Southwest by offering graduated fares, where those who pay the least get no frills (wait in lines, first-come/first-serve seating), and you can pay more for extra amenities (food, assigned seats, etc.) It also points out that Lufthansa is fulfilling Meg's dream with a business-class-only flight between Newark and Dusseldorf.

The article mentions a couple of economists. One, Steven Morrison, has recently posted a presentation titled "The Evolution of the Airline Industry: Before and After September 11" (PDF), filled with tasty stats.

The other, Sam Peltzman, has edited a book titled Deregulation of Airline Industries. While you *could* pay $17 for it at Amazon, you can also download the complete PDF of the book here (I suspect this is an oversight. Enjoy!)

For the further obsessed, I found Christopher Mayer and Todd Sinai's essay, "Network Effects, Congestion Externalities, and Air Traffic Delays: Or Why All Delays Are Not Created Evil".

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My question is how do you keep finding these "oversights?"

First the Forrester report, now this...nice!
Posted by Brad Lauster @ 08/21/2002 01:49 PM PST [link to this comment]

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