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More Pics from Tokyo. Posted on 09/17/2002.

The entrance to the Pronto Coffee Shop around the corner from my hotel. Decent brew, surprisingly good croissants, and an amiable-enough atmosphere made it a satisfying place to start many of my days.

A video game that will likely not make the leap across the Pacific. It's like Dance Dance Revolution, but you play it as a taiko drummer.

My delightful host, Adam Greenfield, engaged in that classic Japanese ritual of talking on the mobile phone.

Adam and his girlfriend, Nurri, showed me around Tokyo for a couple of days. They were the best hosts a clueless Bay Area boy could hope for!

One of the best meals I had was a traditional Japanese dish called okonomiyaki, a delicious mound of various foods (noodles, cheese, meats, etc.) that you fry at your table.

My favorite museum was the Shitamachi Museum, which recreates the shops and housing of Tokyo from right around before and after WWII. Perhaps the best thing about the place was... guide, whose name I never got. He's the one who invited me into the museum (and out of the pouring rain), got me to shell out my Y300 (a little less than US$3), and then proceeded to give me a personal tour of the place, showing me the various exhibits, and how people would have used such things (metalsmithing, candy store, apartment dwelling, etc. etc.) back in the day. On what was otherwise a rather dismal day (it rained from morning until night), this was a most delightful excursion.

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