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Truly, An Honor. Posted on 10/13/2002.

This past weekend, I served as groomsman in the wedding of two dear friends, Lane and Courtney. The whole weekend was a blast, from the bachelor party, through the rehearsal dinner, to the walking tour of downtown San Francisco that I lead (interested parties should email me), culminating in a nouveau Jewish wedding, one that retained the traditions and the meaning, though gave it a contemporary twist which brought all us goyim into the ceremony.

I first met Lane and Courtney in the desert four years ago. I grew to consider them good friends when I visited Austin for the first time the following year, and then we became progressively closer as I've seen them go through their move to New York, back to Austin, and then on to San Francisco.

When Lane first informed me of my duty, it was about 8 months ago, in a surprisingly off-handed way. (I think it was something like, "Oh, don't worry about looking for a suit to wear, you'll be in a tuxedo." "Why?" "Oh, because you're a groomsman.") I was somewhat dumbstruck, partly because I had no idea what a groomsman was, partly because I hadn't fully realized the closeness I had with Lane and Courtney (it had grown over such time that it just felt normal).

Standing there, beside Jim, Alan, Reed, Ben, and Lev, I felt remarkably honored to be included in this group, the groomsman newest to the couple, afforded a special view of the ceremony, not as a spectator, but as a participant, looking out over the audience, eyes tearing up as the rabbi presided, not quite knowing what to do with my hands.

It was such a beautiful event, filled with life, love, and joy, and to have been asked to take an intimate part in the proceedings is easily among the grandest honors of my life.

To Lane and Courtney, thank you. I look forward to the continued deepening of our friendship.

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you say it so well. my heart swelled up and made me proud to be friends with all of you.
Posted by molly @ 10/14/2002 08:24 PM PST [link to this comment]

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