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Good on Governor Ryan. Posted on 01/12/2003.

Illinois Governor George Ryan commuted 167 death sentences before leaving office. It's too bad that this bold and commendable decision is somewhat clouded by the charges of corruption in his office. But, considering there's not a single worthwhile argument in support of the death penalty, it was definitely the Right Thing to do.

Scott Turow, who served on Ryan's commission on the death penalty, wrote a revealing piece on his experience for the New Yorker.

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Ryan's speech was inspiring. Watching it was probably as close as I'll ever come to watching to the home team win the World Series.

What most people fail to realize is that life-without-parole is still a death sentence: You're still destined to leave prison in a pine box. The only difference is how many millions of minutes you have to spend staring at the ceiling first.

Oh, and the corruption has to do with what Ryan did *before* he was in office, vis-a-vis his minions raising campaign funds through a license-for-bribe scheme while Ryan was secretary of state.
Posted by Young Luke @ 01/12/2003 05:54 PM PST [link to this comment]

Ryan is just following the lead of past Illinois governors.

He is trying to create some sort of legacy for himself before being tossed in the clink. If I remember correctly 6 out of 8 of the last Governors of Illinois have done time for one reason or another after leaving office.

We have a good track record of picking them...
Posted by Bill @ 01/13/2003 10:06 AM PST [link to this comment]

Nobody's reading this anymore, right? Just Peter? Once again, Peter, you've passed judgement on a situation that doesn't affect you in the least. You, and the lame duck governor, and a bunch of other folks all agree, but not the hundreds of judges and juries that were involved in the process. Why do you support our legal system if you don't accept its verdict?

The root of the problem is the death penalty itself. If Governor Whoever wanted to be a man, he would've spent effort trying to do something about that. Instead, he doesn't need to lift more than a couple of fingers to just undo the end result of millions of judicial tax dollars. It's like knocking down a guy's house after he's built it, instead of discussing it with him when he's getting permits.
Posted by trav @ 02/15/2003 10:03 AM PST [link to this comment]

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