December 03, 2004

My new favorite thing: The Sun

So, a couple of weeks ago, I downloaded Konfabulator. It's a system that allows you to place all kinds of tools and widgets on your computer, and access those tools without having to launch applications.

There seem to be any number of practical uses, none of which interests me. What I've gotten the most out of is "Sun." As the description says, "Simulates the motion of the sun across your desktop." That's all it does. And I love it.

Here's a screenshot:
I've muted the bulk of my screen to better highlight the Sun, and I drew a red line that shows its course over a day.

I keep the sun permanently above everything else, but with a lot of transparency so I can see through it to my other stuff. I love having this bit of the "real world" impose itself over my electronic domain. This is the kind of thing that would probably give French critical theorists a field day.

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My new favorite thing: The Sun
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