April 23, 2003

Fisher Funnies

Gary Fisher Bikes' website features a nifty Flash application for finding the bike that's right for you. While you're just answering simple questions, you're actually sifting through facets to achieve a result.

Today on a mailing list, Christopher Fahey pointed out something else on Fisher Bikes. Use their Compare tool, selecting three bikes. Then do it again, selecting only two.


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April 03, 2003

Rettig, Steady, Go!

"Interaction Design" is one of those terms that we 'user experience' types use that refers to something that *everyone* is familiar with. Marc Rettig makes that clear in his presentation, "interaction design history in a teeny little nutshell" (PDF, 3.2 MB).

Even if you think you know everything about interaction design, you should check out the slides because

  • Marc puts together concepts in a way I hadn't seen before
  • He presents some new-ish models for thinking about interaction
  • Marc gives great presentation -- clean design, excellent illustrations

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