April 23, 2003

Fisher Funnies

Gary Fisher Bikes' website features a nifty Flash application for finding the bike that's right for you. While you're just answering simple questions, you're actually sifting through facets to achieve a result.

Today on a mailing list, Christopher Fahey pointed out something else on Fisher Bikes. Use their Compare tool, selecting three bikes. Then do it again, selecting only two.


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April 22, 2003

You May Be An Information Architect If...

Jeff and I are in San Antonio, TX, on a consulting gig. Yesterday after work, we went out for beers with the team we?re working with.

Jeff and I, being Bay Area liberals, had been careful to not open political conversations here in Dubya-land. But one of the team members asked about how people felt about the War in Iraq in the Bay Area, and we talked about the many protests, etc.

It quickly became clear that everyone around the table was against the administration?s policies, which kinda surprised me. I mean, we?re in Texas, working with a conservative financial services firm, and yet when going out for beers, I?m surrounded by liberals. (Who admonished Jeff and I to not voice our views TOO loudly, lest we raise the ire of the tables near us).

It seems to be a constant among people who do the kind of work we do (call it information architecture, user experience, etc.). They?re overwhelmingly liberal. And love good beer... We drank at Flying Saucer, which had over 80 beers on tap. Oh, and quote Simpson?s episodes at length.

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