April 24, 2004

Kill Bill Vol. Lame

So, a week ago, I saw Kill Bill, Vol. 1 on DVD, and enjoyed it more than I had predicted. It's basically a fun action movie, with stylized fight scenes, and, well, it's fun.

So, last night, I saw Kill Bill, Vol 2, which is receiving crazy critical accolades. It sounded like it would be even better, with more emotional and narrative heft.

Well, it's got more of something alright. Dialogue. Endless scenes of people talking. People that you're not terribly interested in. There are some nifty action bits (Pei Mei's tutelage, the fight with in trailer), but there's also some crushing character stupidity (The Bride opening the trailer door, seemingly not expecting any response).

Anyway, if you're a fan of the first, don't assume you'll like the second (though, you've probably seen it already). It's surprising, considering that this was once one movie, how different the two halves are. It makes me wonder if Tarantino fiddled with it, when it became two movies. Because if this is how it was originally laid out, it kind of just doesn't make sense.

Oh well.

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Mini-thoughts on Minneapolis

I'm in Minneapolis for a few days. Primarily as a judge for Exhibit A, an interactive design case study competition.

But also to enjoy the city. I'd last been here in 1997, and remembered it fondly. So I came out a few days early, and have done a fair amount of wandering and hanging out.

Some thoughts/observations/whathaveyou...

  • There are more people smoking in Minneapolis.
  • Minneapolis is *not* a dog city. This surprised me, because it's culture/feeling is one of a dog city. But you just don't see them that much.
  • Minneapolitans love their coffee, but they don't like it very strong. There are coffeehouses everywhere, and I've had a variety of good coffees -- but all brewed somewhat weakly.
  • Minneapolitans love their free wi-fi. Every coffeehouse seems to have it -- even those that don't promote it.
  • This is probably the best bicycle city I've been to in America. Flat, lots of bike lanes. It's definitely part of the culture.
  • Minneapolis is inordinately proud of its habitr--errr--skyways. As a Californian, I have trouble understanding the good around creating a system that avoids The Outside. Isn't that a sign? Shouldn't you leave if you don't like The Outside?
  • Minneapolis is a lot more ethnically/racially mixed than I had presumed.
  • Something's amiss downtown. On a Thursday at 3pm, walking down Nicolette Mall (a kind of main drag), the place felt empty. And this is the heart of downtown.

    I'm sure more will come. But that's enough for now.


    Posted by peterme at 10:15 AM | Comments (8)
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