October 01, 2005

Podcast I Like: The Word Nerds

Finding good podcasts has been remarkably difficult. The various services (Odeo, Podcast Alley, Loomia) have terrible terrible search and browse mechanisms. But, with my new Nano, I wanted something to accompany the walking part of my commute.

One podcast I've gotten to like is The Word Nerds. It's a weekly program by three high school teachers who love words. And hey, I love words, too! The production quality is actually pretty good, and it's clear they've learned a lot by modeling themselves on NPR shows. My only complaint is that the musical interludes are a) overlong and b) poorly programmed.

My favorite show so far is "Regional Speech and Our Roots." Long ago I wrote about regionalisms here and here (scroll down to February 4, 1999).

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September 29, 2005

TV Show: My Name Is Earl

Thank goodness it's getting decent ratings. It's funny, clever, inventive, and appropriately crass. It's probably the second-best comedy after Arrested Development (which continues to languish, ratings-wise.) Anyway, if you like to laugh, set your Tivo to Earl.

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Movie Review: Crimen Ferpecto

In an effort to use discount cards before they expire, we headed to see Crimen Ferpecto(unfortunately retitled "El Crimen Perfecto" in the US), an intense, madcap Spanish farce about a lothario whose life goes... awry. I'm wary of saying more about the plot because this is definitely a movie where the less you know, the better. I will say this:

It's a good movie. Not great. Not very good. But good.

It's inventive and stylish.

It exploits the fact that it's a movie -- leave your desire for realism at the door.

I love that it has a strong directorial voice. So many American movies have stunted points of view. This is a film with vision (however flawed).

When the plot sags (and it does... capers are difficult to maintain), the film is saved by some great, simple, humor. Malevolent children, a bathroom-door bit that will make you wonder why you hadn't seen that before, and other silly gags keep things moving.

This flick seems to be at the end of its run here in the states (there were 5 people in our theater last night), but its definitely worth a view on DVD.

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September 26, 2005

There's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York...*

On October 31 and November 1, Jeff Veen and I will be teaching Adaptive Path's "Beyond Usability" Workshop in New York City.

We've extended the early registration deadline to October 1. And, as you're smart and good-looking enough to be a peterme.com reader, you can get an extra 15% off when using the promotional code FOPM.

You get two days, packed with discussions of methods for creating great user experiences, hands-on activities, lively discussions, our latest thinking of the business value of design, and, most importantly, cocktails!

Read more about it!

Image from here.

*Lyric from Porgy and Bess

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My latest mashup


That's horchata spiked with bourbon. Yum!

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