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the eats
  Austin is a town for eating. Tex-Mex in particular. Oh sure, they have other cuisines, but why bother? (In describing Tex-Mex, a friend said, "I guess it's different than the Cal-Mex you're used to." And it got me thinking. And no, I've never heard it called "Cal-Mex" here. It's always just "Mexican food.")

And, junior, you can't continue until you've finished every last bite of this page.

Juan in a Million
A group congregated here for a tasty Tex-Mex breakfast. My chorizo meal was spicy goodness, the beans divine. What made the beans so good? Manteca. What's manteca, you ask? Lard. (It's also the name of a city in California, just south of Stockton.)

In 1995 President Clinton ate here, so they renamed the menu item he ate to "El Presidente." Guero's is an extremely popular Tex-Mex eatery with wicked good margaritas and wholly unmemorable food.
Um. If you were expecting a Clinton joke, I'm afraid you're out of luck.

Late night comestibles can be found at the various Magnolia's outlets throughout the city. My pecan pie was tasty, but of much more interest was the waitress who referred to the people at our table variously as "Honey," "Darling," "Sugar," and other sobriquets, without ever using the same one twice. I appended my answer to a question of hers with a "Babycakes," which she seemed to enjoy.

When you're hungry and near campus, head for this kinda-healthy barbecue. Ruby's takes pride in using quality, non-drugged beef. Big plates of tasty food for not-big amounts of money. And, the collard greens were very good.

Annoyingly vanilla Tex-Mex place. Don't know why we ate there. Well-known for their Mexican Martini, which seems to be nothing but a super-strong margarita in a martini glass, no salt.

East Side Cafe
Before I left I insisted on eating "cuisine," and was taken to the East Side Cafe. The restaurant did not disappoint. Started with shrimp and spinach quesadillas, followed by a succulent ruby rainbow trout, and topped off with a sweet potato pie with pecan crust and ice cream on the side all covered with caramel sauce. I was a happy boy. I also had a bite of the artichoke crepes, which might have been the most divine foodstuff placed in my mouth all week.

Gaah. I'm hungry now.