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the wheels
  Landing in Austin, I was transported by shuttle from the airport to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car office. The man behind the counter told me that the car I had reserved, a Chevy Cavalier, would take a while to make available, but if I am interested, for only $10 more for the week I could have a Chevy Blazer. I didn't know what a Blazer was, but didn't want to dicker, so I said, "sure!"

Well, I was quite surprised to find out that the Blazer, as you probably already know, is a sports utility vehicle. See, I'm archly anti-SUV. I totally buy into all the reasons they're bad: terrible gas mileage, poor emissions quality, more dangerous, they tend to be driven by pricks, etc. And now here I was, signing up to be part of the problem.

The Blazer got good use that week. It could easily cart 6 or 7 people (1 or 2 having to be in the "back back"), and at one point we fit 11. I ended up being the SxSW Interactive chauffeur, a role I rather enjoyed.
Too much, perhaps. At one point in the week, Molly informed me, "This car suits you." This caused a massive crisis of conscience from which I'm still recovering.