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Some Odds and Ends
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November 16, 1998

Some Odds and Ends

The Evolution of the Interface
I've finally published the "Brain" of my Web98 talk on The Evolution of the Interface. I still plan on turning these ideas into a fuller essay, but I've wanted to get this information out since the conference, and now I finally have.

In order to view it, you need a copy of
The Brain, which is a nifty application that allows you to organize your digital information in an associative way, as opposed to a hierarchical ordering, like the Windows Explorer. Unfortunately, The Brain is a Windows-only application.

If you have The Brain, you can view my talk, which has been
published on The Brain's site.

Forgotten Recommended Books
The biggest "duh" of my previous column was not mentioning the works of Edward Tufte.

The first two are classics--beautifully designed and written, covering the nitty-gritty of how to graphically display information. His process is definitely relevant to the information architect's work. The last isn't up to par with the first two, but is good all the same.

A Personal Note
As of November 30, I will be a freelancer! I will continue to perform information architecture and interaction design, but I also look forward to consulting with firms that want to learn how to integrate these practices into their process. Also, I plan on spending more time writing about the field of user experience. Check out my